Vitruvi Aromatherapy Oils’ thoughtful essential oil infusions strive to bring purpose, intention, and awareness to your daily routine, and enhance well-being with natural fragrances. Founded in Vancouver by siblings Sara and Sean Panton, Vitruvi proves that traditional herbs and essential oils can make extremely modern, complex luxury scents.
Vitruvi was founded on the belief that what we smell affects us as much as what we eat. It follows that every Vitruvi aromatherapy oil uses a considered recipe and only the finest ingredients. Each product is a blend of pure, all-natural essential oils, sourced from over 20 different countries, and 100% pure Italian Sweet Almond and Castor Oil. Infusions are carefully formulated for their therapeutic effects, using Sara’s knowledge of both traditional aromatherapy practices and the neurological relationship between scents and emotions. Vitruvi builds each recipe for a specific use, like improving sleep, building focus, or relieving stress. Each blend can take up to two months to make – but this slow, meticulous process makes for a perfectly balanced product.
The emphasis on thoughtful, considered products touches every aspect of the brand, down to its name. The name “Vitruvi” celebrates the legacy of Roman architect Vitruvius, whose theories inspired the ideal human proportions in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man.” Vitruvius believed every design should have utilitas, firmitas, and venustas – utility, functionality, and beauty – and that both the human body and the plants of nature obey the same universal laws of symmetry. Inspired by this harmony between humans and the natural world, as well as Vitruvius’s thoughtful design principles, Vitruvi strives to make aromatherapy products that are useful, beautiful, and improve daily life.
Before starting Vitruvi, Sara worked in international charity, living in various countries including India, Kenya, and Morocco, where she learned first-hand about several traditional health practices. She went on to medical school for three years, where she studied the olfactory nerve — the nerve responsible for our sense of smell and how it influences our brain. Sara was fascinated by this science of scent and decided to take a risk and quit medical school to start Vitruvi with her brother Sean.
Sara’s background in charity also influenced the company’s commitment to philanthropy. Vitruvi donates a percentage of their sales to programs that support sustainable essential oil farming, as well as health programs in countries from which Vitruvi sources their oils. They proudly partner with Free the Children, based in Northwestern India, which supports community health centers in that region.
Luxury aromatherapy products that promote a healthy, curated life, all while giving back to the community: now that’s utility, functionality, and beauty exemplified.