Lurk produces natural, organic perfume oils free from preservatives, stabilizers, additives and synthetics. Creator Anne Nelson Sanford began planning her line in 2001, when she opened a green apothecary that sold essential oils. She was inspired to build a line of fragrances by hand, finding in these undiluted oils a vitality that synthetic fragrances lacked. She launched Lurk officially in SoHo NYC in 2012, and the line still holds to these principles.
Lurk fragrances are individually hand-poured using a variety of rare oils, absolutes, resins & extracts. Lurk is also one of the only perfume house producing its fragrances through the traditional process of enfleurage. This artisanal multi-day process, considered quite time consuming and costly by the mainstream perfume industry, yields incredible results and Anne stands by it. Each Lurk fragrance starts with a base of organic Jojoba oil, and is then infused with various essential oils and live plant materials. The enfleurage technique captures the pure essence of the floral and botanical scents, without conventional water or alcohol fillers.
Lurk’s commitment to producing pure, eco-friendly products doesn’t stop at the ingredient list, but extends to the recyclable, reusable packaging, printed using wind power and environmentally friendly inks.
Anne's exceptional instincts for unique scent combinations make each Lurk fragrance oil a refreshing surprise.