Klurskin creator Lesley Thornton believes in natural and effective products, formulated without compromise. Working as an esthetician based in Los Angeles, California, she created Klurskin after popular demand from her clients, who wanted to take the spa experience home with them. She identified a gap in the market for natural alternatives to mass-produced beauty products that were just as powerful, and so she got to work.
The process begins in her studio. After working on her formulas for months and sending out to an ECO-certified, FDA compliant laboratory for testing, she takes them back to the studio for testing. It takes about a year to complete each product, but Lesley’s passion for her profession was years in the making. She’s worked in the beauty industry in one capacity or another for 15 years, apprenticing with dermatologists, medical estheticians and cosmetic formulators. In other words, she really knows her stuff.
Klurskin’s philosophy is based on the mantra that “make-up always looks better over good skin.” With all of their products containing a minimum of 60% organic content, their pure approach is key to attaining your skin’s natural glow. Klurskin’s cleansers, oils and serums (all of which are free from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance, and completely 100% non toxic) work to rid the skin of toxins and restore moisture, clearing blemishes and preventing signs of aging.
What all began out of a small rented facial room, has blossomed into what Klurskin is today, and still stays true to its family-run nature.
Ingredients are free from parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance, and completely 100% non-toxic. Klurskin strives to formulate products with a minimum of 60% organic content or higher, does not test on animals and are 100% cruelty-free.
We met Lesley when she was just launching Klurskin, and were taken immediately by her passion, knowledge and down-to-earth personality. All her products, similarly, are made-to-purpose formulas whose ingredients you can still pronounce. Luxury products that are friendly and approachable.